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Police sergeant's mysterious suicide

What makes a man of high standing in the police force, who recently retired, end his own life?

The headstone of Sergeant Edward Michael Creedy of Newmarket. Courtesy Findagrave.

Edward Michael Creedy, better known as Ned, was born at Grandchester in Queensland in 1881, to Denis Creedy and Anastasia (nee Rafter). He was a member of the Imperial Bushmen between 1901 and 1902 during the Boer War. When he came back he joined the Queensland police on December 13, 1902.

He was kept very busy serving at eight police stations as far as Thargomindah. While serving in Charleville, he met Ethel Nethercote, the daughter of Inspector Nethercote. They married and had two boys, James and John.

Edward Michael Creedy. Courtesy QLD Police Museum

In March 1921 Edward was transferred to Newmarket Police Station, where he would spend the rest of his working career until his retirement. Over his time he dealt with many incidences of murders, domestic violence, cattle theft and car accidents, including one where the gentleman was driving his car with a female friend.

When they were a mile and a half from their destination, in the pouring rain, a front tyre blew out and the car owner was unable to control the steering. When he applied the brakes, the car went down a steep grade through the trees. He shouted to his friend to jump out of the car and when she didn't, he pushed her and then jumped out himself. A few minutes later the car fell into a gully. Sergeant Creedy said if they had stayed in the car when it went over the gully, the two would have been killed.

A photo of Edward just before he retired.

He was a skilled horseman who was detailed to break in new horses for police work. By 1940 he was ready to retire and he turned in his badge in October. He was nearly 60 years old and his health was failing him.

In the early hours of Easter Sunday in 1941, Ethel woke at 3am to find Edward missing. A search party was soon formed and the body of Edward Creedy was found hanging from a tree in Sedgewood Park, Newmarket. He is buried at Nudgee Cemetery and Crematorium. His reasons for what he did followed him to the grave.


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