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Chasing Arthur's final resting place

After last week's story on Arthur Beaumont Goard, I was contacted by Marijke Vandevyver who lives in Belgium and offered to go to the Aeroplane Cemetery to find not only where he is buried, but where he lost his life in Zonnebeke.

Following is her account:

The sun, and a few storm clouds, kept us company this afternoon on our quest for the story of Arthur Beaumont Goard. I took photos in the cemetery (Aeroplane Cemetery) and near the field where he was first buried in 1917 after he was killed in Zonnebeke.

We started at Aeroplane Cemetery. This cemetery is located 3.5 kilometers north east of the Ypres town centre, a road connecting Ypres to Zonnebeke.

The register showing where Arthur is buried in Aeroplane Cemetery. Photos: Marijke Vandevyver.

I had already looked up Arthur's final resting place, but I showed my father how you can find the names in the register book of the cemetery as well. Arthur is buried very close to the entrance in plot 5 row A.

Some of the flowers around the cemetery.

The vibrant colors of the flowers brighten up this sad, yet beautiful place. The cemetery is located in the middle of the Flanders fields, surrounded by what once was a battlefield.

Arthur Beaumont Goard's final resting place in the Aeroplane Cemetery, with the cross left by Marijke.

We placed a wee cross in front of his headstone and wrote a small message in the register afterwards.

Then we went to Zonnebeke. A researcher from the Passchendaele Archives from the 'Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917' had sent me a map showing the exact place where Arthur found his temporary resting place.

Arthur's temporary resting place at Zennebeke before he was removed to Aeroplane Cemetery.

You can easily reach it, because it’s located next to a hiking trail that leaves from the castle park to Polygon Wood. It is unreal to realise that the beautiful nature witnessed such horrors.

Some of the wildlife around Zennebeke, that had seen such horrors of war.

The little frogs, colorful dragonflies, young cows and beautiful horses lead us to the place where Arthur was once buried. We attached a rose to the tall, summer-smelling grass.

Small rose in remembrance of Arthur' Goard.

This afternoon was a small tribute to the great sacrifice that Arthur made. Maybe this little quest can help preserve St Oswald Church!

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Kathryn Reilly
Kathryn Reilly
Jun 30, 2021

From all who are trying to save St Oswald's, Broken Head ( Byron Bay NSW Australia) which was build as a memorial to Arthur and 2 men from the community killed in WW1 - thank you. Such a poignant account.

Samantha Elley
Samantha Elley
Jun 30, 2021
Replying to

My humble pleasure.


Thank you Marijke for this beautiful account of your visit.

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